Although most British people are going on holiday this summer, new research shows that 40% of them don’t budget for their summer break correctly, an attitude that leaves them at risk of over spending. Almost half of the British population (40%) fail to budget for their summer holiday, the latest research from M&S Money reveals. Despite the overspending that this might cause, almost a third of those surveyed (32%) think they...

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Mortgage rates are one of the major financial concerns among the British population. Seven in ten people admit to being worried about their mortgage payments according to new research. It also...

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The UK’s children have been hit hardest by the economic downturn as ‘kidflation’ soars, according to new research. The rate of inflation for children’s spending has risen 68% faster than the...

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Despite tough financial times it seems that weddings will always be a lavish occasion. The latest research into the subject has found that people are spending more than double on wedding...

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The Bank of England has announced that it will keep the base interest rate at a record low of 0.5% for at least another three years. Speaking to the Daily Express, Vicky...

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There have been a lot of stories recently covering the amazing level of complaints about high street banks over the second half of last year. New figures from the FSA showed complaints were...

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Payday Loan Requirements

Make sure you meet all of our requirements before applying for a payday loan, here is a basis summary of a pay day loan requirement to open an account:

Valid UK bank account
At least 18 years of age
Employed and receive a regular pay cheque
Resident of the UK

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What does it cost

You won’t incur any sort of application fee or annual fee for opening, or maintaining, a payday loan account.

On average below is an example of what you expect to be charged in interest.

Interest will accrue on your unpaid principal at a daily rate of .82 percent. This equates to about a 25 percent monthly interest rate (£25 per £100 borrowed each month).

Interest only accrues on your unpaid principal, so the sooner you pay back the borrowed funds, the less interest you have to pay.

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